Born and bred in France, Alex decided to come and permanently live in England. Although she hadn’t particularly enjoyed her year as a student in the UK in 2000 for several reasons, she decided to give it another try in 2002. One of the best things she’s ever done.
Alex has been singing since the age of 6 and writing songs in English since she was 14, accompanying herself with her guitar or keyboard. Her songwriting is her catharsis and has always helped her deal with her emotions over heartaches in the past. Alex draws inspiration from everyday life, what happens between people and the way they react to it. Alex really enjoys writing sad ballads but also songs that will make people laugh and bring a smile to their face.

Over the years, she expanded her range and repertoire from pop and rock to musicals and classical music, thanks to her singing teacher, Georgina Colwell of Musicair in Hersham, Surrey, who’s been teaching her since 2003. The result of this is songs with a vast range.

She is passionate about languages: fluent in French, English, German, she already sang in Italian. She was really proud when she managed to sing in Arabic at her sister’s wedding. She’s always loved performing on stage, loving being the centre of attention for her musical skills. She sang on several family occasions and several concerts. Her best reward is to see people being moved and identify with her songs. Her dream would be to have one of her songs featured in a movie.